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If I get time later this week, I want to work on a render, but I can't decide what to do. More superheroines? More Diamond and Spade? More bimbos/dolls? Something new? I would love to know what my watchers like the best. Please comment and let me know. :-)
TheRealDaloKnight posted teaser pics for the 3 commissions he's done for me. Check them out. I think they're fantastic. :-)

Mature Content

Ww Ponygirl Teaser by TheRealDaloKnight

Mature Content

Ww Harem Dancer Teaser by TheRealDaloKnight

Mature Content

Bride Teaser by TheRealDaloKnight
Sadly, I don't think I'm going to be making any new renders for at least a few weeks. I'm taking on a lot of responsibility with a new job.

It seems that people really liked "Dolled" and "Dolled 2" so in the meantime, I'll try to come up with some fun ideas for maybe a few short comic strips or before/after progressions like I've done before.

If anyone actually reads these, I would love to know what you think. Do you like the progression style renders, the scenes with stories written in the description, or should I do something different like true comic panels? Let me know and when I get a handle on this new job, I'll churn a few out. :-)
Safe Haven?
Safely contained in medical bay, Flare lies unconscious while Spark and her medical consultant Violet Vixen discuss their friend's condition.

"V, What the hell is going on with Blue?" Spark asks with worry in her voice.

"Aside from bumps, bruises, and a few new pieces of intimate jewelry, she's fine. Everything I've looked into is normal. No trace of toxins and a normal brain scan. Medically, there's nothing wrong.", Vixen explained calmly.

"That's all good Doc, but how do we change her back?"

"Are we so sure that she didn't WANT this?"

"Look a her V! Does this look like the Blue Bombshell YOU know?! She's as squeaky clean as they come. What about psychologically? Could this be brainwashing or hypnosis or something?"

"Without waking her, there's no way to tell medically. If we do that, she might level this place. You make a good point about her psyche though. This could be the work of our new friend. The one that came to town around the time that Bombshell went missing. Do you remember that robbery in progress she was going after?"

"The robbery!!! That's it! The guards just left the hospital a few days ago. My hospital connection told me that for days they would just follow commands from nurses and nothing else. It MUST be mind control of some kind. Please please please V, can you tap into your magic and fix her? Maybe poke around in her head and set everything straight?"

"I can try, but what you're asking isn't exactly easy. This type of magic can have a lot of unforeseen consequences."

"Blue would take the risk for you ya know...", Spark quipped in her most manipulative tone.

"Fine." Violet Vixen focuses, her eyes turn colorless as the surrounding darken and an aura of magic overtakes the room. She first seems troubled, lost in the labyrinth of Bombshell's mind before taking on an expression of horror. "Where once there was one, now two reside. The dark arisen, the light abides." Vixen snaps back to reality slightly overwhelmed by her vision.

"Two what?" Spark asks, knowing the answer.

"Two personalities. The newest one was born of Bombshell's desires. She's not only a part of her, but she's now a fully sentient presence."

"What does that mean?!"

"It means destroying it would damage Bombshell and also be akin to murder. The problem is, leaving her like this will eventually damage her brain"

"Damn it... What are we going to do?"

"The only thing that will save them both. We need to transplant the new persona into a body", Vixen said begrudgingly.

"Can you do that?"

"I have to try."


Meanwhile, Compella arrives outside of an abandoned building arsenal in tow.

"No way she's in there. Must be a structure underneath." Her vehicle's sensor array goes to work locating the secret entrance.

"Don't worry pet, I'm coming for you and I'm bringing your friends home with us too!"


Just some continuation. Not sure how often I'll be able to add to this story in the near future, but the next few installments should be fun. Comments are always welcome. :-)


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